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Nola Bullivant....

Students in 6G used Wordle as a brainstorm for their HSIE/SCIENCE unit of work on 'Antartica'.
Both students and teachers enjoyed it very much. Many interesting words were used in relation to the topic and the visual representations created further discussion. Students' Wordles are now on displayed in the library.

I typed in the ten main Dewey categories plus Fiction. Categories from which I have personally borrowed least often, appear in larger print. I would intend to ue this with students in Year 4 and upwards as part of learning about the Dewey system. Students could browse the shelves to remind themselves of books in these categories, create their own Dewey Wordle then aim to increase their borrowing from the categories appearing in larger text in their Wordle.
<a href=""
title="Wordle: Dewey categories least often borrowed"><img
alt="Wordle: Dewey categories least often borrowed"
style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd"></a>