Welcome to the rap zone wiki
This is a demonstration, member-based wiki linked to tasks in the online School Libraries and Information Literacy Unit Web 2.0 tools for IWBs online training module. The module extends information found at The rap zone with the purpose of building confidence in newcomers to ICT in teaching. Suitable for all classroom teachers, the module may be particularly useful for teacher librarians. Please email elizabeth.chase@det.nsw.edu.au for information about signing up for the module.

    • Remember to check the web filter status of each tool with the NSW DET and the signing up age within the tool itself. Some tools are for teacher demonstration use only - most of the 16 are usable by students.

Worksheets to support this module can be accessed through ShareSpace.
**Miss Riley's Classroom** is an example of a current Australian classroom blog to inform parents about classroom actitvities and fantastic digital tools.

How to participate and comment in this wiki
If you are a participant in the Web 2.0 tools for IWBs online training module, you are required to share the links to resources that you make, as the assessment requirement for the module. If you wish to share your resource links in this demonstration wiki, rather than creating a blog of your own, email elizabeth.chase@det.nsw.edu.au to receive a wiki membership invitation. Participants create a resource, using a Tool of their choice. They then click on the Discussion tab,
in the top menu of that Tool page, and post their resource URL and a comment about how the resource could be used in a classroom context to support Quality Teaching.

21st century pedagogies**
For a bigger picture about 21st century pedagogies, visit Web 2.0 tools for Professional Teaching Associations by Judy O'Connell, or LearningAU to see the workshop by Dean Groom and Judy O'Connell. In these online resources, you will find Judy O'Connell's Toolkit A-Z: a superb compilation from which the 16 tools featured on this blog have been drawn.